The Pelican Brief #3: Speak-Easy Living


The Pelican Brief #3: Speak-Easy Living

This past weekend I was back in Mobile and had the opportunity to check out one of the new spots downtown.

In the basement of the RSA Trustmark Building, you’ll find a little atrium that seems a bit out of place. In contrast with the typical white walls and fluorescent lights of an office building, this area just to the right of the elevator is a library-styled corner.

When we arrived, a hulking man with a radio voice named Roosevelt was sitting in an armchair with a copy of Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms. As we approached, he put the book down and greeted us.

“Welcome to Las Floriditas… it’s gonna be a fun night. But to get, I’m gonna need to hear the password.”

He looked at our group and then said, “Now, do you trust this young man here,” pointing at me. My group gave him a nod, yes, and so the doorman leaned over to see if I had done my research.

I answered with the password for the day, Lima, and then Roosevelt signaled that we were good to go.